THE FLOWERS – a gift from God

Many Divine Beings support us in our release processes. One of them, “The Great Mother of Flowers”, works in Trinity energy with the Master Morya and the Master Kwan Yin – and above all Christ - through the flower remedies from “Spirit of Flower”

The overall energy of the remedies is comfort and joy, and being true to oneself. In addition to that, each flower remedy acts purifying, releasing and consciousness expanding, and has inherent quite specific qualities that, in a vibrational manner, get transmitted to the animal or human being that takes it or rubs it in or sprays it on the body.

Terrible sufferings and painful experiences of many past lives, have forced us to create an armour of blocked energy – simply in order to survive. With the help of the flowers, resting in their security and love, we work towards an inner flourishing, thus daring to come out from bud to flower, open ourselves as channels for the Divine Light, the Divine Force and Divine Love (to soothe and comfort, to respect and accept and to give security and love). This creates a purification of these accumulated energy blockages in all layers within ourselves, and so become able to radiate Divine Love and Compassion to everything living.

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